Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally! Some Art for the Living Room

I finally figured out how to get my new frames from last week, hung and they are all level! (at least for now!) I had a really hard time getting these up. They are the frames that have the two hooks on the back panel that holds the picture in, and let me tell you the are never the same from frame to frame(plus, they move around a lot.) I realize I could have just used the command strips, but they start to add up pretty quick, so this is what I did.

First, I gathered my supplies. The pictures here are pretty self explanatory. A hammer, a level, a measuring tape, 10 Large Sawtooth Picture Hangers (about 77 cents a pack at Wal-Mart) and Command Picture Hanging strips. 
Not pictured-  painters tape (this could be improvised with card stock or whatever you  have around the house), a piece of scrap cardboard or soft fabric to lay your frame on while hammering), and a nail with a fat head.

Then, I got to work! I held my hanger up to see where I wanted it. I measured, and the bottom line was at 1 1/8". I made to marks at this point.

I used my level as a straight edge to draw a line between the marks.

I also marked the center point of the frame.

I lined my picture hanger  up to the marks I made, and pressed by big nail into the holes to make a starting point for the tiny nails that are used to hang the hanger.

Because the nails are so tiny, I folded a piece of painters tape in half and poked the nail through. This gave me something to hold the nail with. I just ripped it off once the nail was secure.

Repeat those steps 8 times, or as many times as you need to depending on how many frames you have.
I didn't do them all at once, it was tedious and time consuming, so I did 2 or 3 when I had a minute.

Finally! Time to hang them. I put a piece of painters tape on my level, and marked the distance between my nails. I started on the right side, and measured up the wall about 5' for my first hole. Remember this will be where the center of you frame sits. I just kept lining up to my original mark, using the level. 

I wanted four inches between my top and bottom row so I added 4" to the length of the frame, and measured up from the top of the frame below it.

I used about 1 3/4" nails to hang the pictures. I hung the first one leveled it, then the second one. I then held the level above both to make sure they were level with each other.

I also checked that the lines were staying straight by holding my level across the top of three frames.

Just keep going until all your frames are hung. I had to adjust one of them, and move the nail up about an eighth of an inch, but other than that it all went really smoothly. 

I plan on adding a command strip to the bottom of each frame to help keep them secure and level. 
Mike and I are thrilled with how it looks. The size is perfect for the ginormous wall! 

Now, I just have to figure out what order I want them in. I like them the way they are, but I am thinking about doing it a few other ways.

What do you think? How would you arrange them?


  1. They're beautiful, Lauren! And, the the perfect solution for your large space. I'm sure you're thrilled with them!

  2. Your gallery looks good :) My husband puts the little rubber bumpers on the corners of our pictures to keep them level. I like how you have them arranged...but I'm sure you're going to change them up.


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