Monday, February 20, 2012

Flowers Forever!

So, I LOVE having fresh flowers around the house, the thing is when I do buy flowers I don't want to spend a ton, and I want them to last longer than 3 days. I'm sure you can relate, the hubby brings you roses, but 3 or 4 days later they are totally wilted, and looking horrific. Yep, it happens, and it's such a sad waste of that hard earned cash. 
I am lucky enough to have found a produce store that sells flowers on the cheap. I'm talking 2 dozen roses for $6 - sometimes even less. I know, now y'all hate me. Anyway look around, do your research and find the best deal. I bought all the flowers in these pictures for about $20, and while I have to arrange them myself, I really don't mind. I would much rather buy a new accessory for our house than blow all our money on blooms.
These photos show how I kept rearranging those same $20 worth of flowers to make them last for 3 WHOLE WEEKS! 
Yep, 3 weeks, and that last arrangement still has a few days of life left in it. I just take them apart, pull out the nasty ones, and figure out a new way to put them back together. Another little tip I found is that if the ends are getting all soggy and swampish just chop them off, and put them in a short vase or even small water glasses like I did above.

What tricks do you have for saving cash on little luxuries like fresh flowers?

P.S. if you are local and are wondering where the awesome flower source is-
It's Produce Junction  on Mac Arthur Road. Check it out, they have the deals!


  1. Great tips! I had a bunch of tulips a while back and discovered online that a penny in the vase will keep them from drooping. Totally worked! Thanks for your visit to my blog today!

    1. I got some tulips for my birthday last week. I'll have to give that penny trick a try. Thanks for stopping by!


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