Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cords Gone Wild!

Yes, I am fully aware of the tackiness of that title, but I truly can't stand our lack of cord organization I don't always notice the craziness, but the second I upload a picture they are the first and only thing I see, and once that happens I can't walk by without thinking about them. AHHHH! I hate cords!

Anyway, this morning I was walking by our entry wall, and I had an epiphany!
I can tuck the cord into the lamp base!
Why didn't I think of this sooner? 

Here's how I did it. The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but I like to type so I'll add a bit of commentary-

To get started I flipped my lamp over to see what was holding it's guts in, some cardboard and sticky, papery, black felt. Look how long that cord is! I only need it to be about 1 foot, not 4!

I pulled back the edge, and it did rip a little, but that's ok, because it's the bottom and no one ever sees it.

This is what was under the bottom cover-

I gently pulled some of the cord in threw the hole. Jackpot! It works, and there's plenty of room inside for extra cord, no rewiring necessary today!

I wrapped the extra wire around what appears to be a concrete base inside the actual lamp base.

I ended up wrapping it around 3 times while trying to keep it as secure as possible. I wanted to tuck a little bit more in, but not enough to wrap it again, so I just put that little extra bit in the channel that comes out from the center of the lamp.

I put a very little bit of elmer's around the metal rim of the base and flipped the cover back into place. YAY! I am loving my short little cord! Now it's the perfect length to just make it to the socket.

Here it is in action. This is so much better than having cords hanging down everywhere just waiting to be tripped over, and looking all sloppy!

We have lots of fun projects going on around our house this week, so check back in soon to see what we're working on. If your cords are crazy too give my method a try, and let me know if you have any questions!

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