Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Blooms of the Month

Sorry about my little hiatus this past week. My darling husband tore his meniscus at work, and his surgery was on Thursday, so I have been loving on him, and nursing him back to health the past few days.

Here he is right before surgery. I just couldn't resist snapping a pic
with my iPhone. He looked handsome even with his gown and hat on. 

I have been just loving all the daffodils and tulips that are sprouting and blooming all over the place. Nothing makes it feel like spring, quite like the sight of flowers blooming. Daffodils are my favorite by far, and seeing them everywhere makes me as happy as can be. Spring has Sprung! As a matter of fact, today at 1:14am Spring began with the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere.
Our sweet baby girl, majorly cheesing for the camera in her spring hat that she made at school today.

I have been anxiously anticipating this day, and couldn't be happier that my wait is over! There are so many wonders that spring brings; fresh breezes coming in the windows, sun on your face while watching the kids play outside, flowers popping up everywhere. What better way is there to welcome spring than to make some bright and fresh flower arrangements to display around the house!
After my husbands physical therapy appointment yesterday, we stopped by my favorite place for flowers, and picked up a few bunches.

They are so beautiful!

As soon as I got home I grabbed my biggest vase and put them all in some water, so they would stay nice and fresh until I had a chance to arrange them (it's a good thing I did, because they sat like that until today)

I spent $15 on all of the flowers, including the mum and pussy willow, and I was able to make 5 flower arrangements, plus I potted the mum, and put the pussy willow in a vase with a thin neck (I am hitting myself for not buying more pussy willow. They look so wonderful on top of the mantel, and were just what I needed to add some height there. I really hope they still have some next time I'm in the area!)

just had to share that I am SO excited to finally be able to photograph things on
our dining room table without having to worry about getting the big white blob of
a refrigerator in the shot. we sold it two weeks ago, and I am SO glad it's gone!

I made this little bouquet with one of our small glasses, and it's definitely my favorite. All the bright colors just scream "SPRING" to me. I use any water tight containers that we have around the house. It saves us money on vases, and I think when using something this simple, it really allows the flowers to get all the attention.

Here's a few more shots of the blooms!

I am loving the vivid colors!

I hope you all had a wonderful first day of spring!

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