Friday, March 30, 2012

My First "Dumpster Dive"

Yesterday was a truly monumental day. After I picked Liv up from preschool we had a quick and crazy lunch, all because this little girl had a very important appointment at 12:50...

... Kindergarten Registration! I'm still not sure how I feel about all of this stuff, and as far as my princess growing up fuggettaboutit, I turn into a ball-o-mush whenever I think about it. Everything went wonderfully, she did great (as we would've guessed), and I couldn't be a prouder Mama. 

So, I'm sure by now your wondering what in the world does Kindergarten registration have to do with Dumpster Diving??? haha, yeah. I'm getting there.

When we were done at the school we went to Target to pick up a few things that we thought we needed. Since my hubby can't drive for a while (because of his recent knee surgery) I have been the family chauffeur. Mike has been driving me nuts with his back-seat driving, and I figured I would show him, and just go my way and not listen to his opinion this time. Well, I forgot that we needed gas, I should say REALLY needed gas, like the light had been on for quite a while. So, when he reminded me I held my head in shame, and turned onto the next road to turn around, and go his way (the way with a close gas station.) 

There she was! Out on the curb, a beauty, a vision, a gem. That little bench with great legs, and some nice lines. I popped the car into reverse, and I think Mike thought I was crazy when I jumped out of the car, and popped the trunk. I couldn't resist. I had to have her!

There she is! My newest project. There's something about her that I just love. I justified my craziness to Mike by saying that we could sell it, if he didn't like it after I added some paint and an upholstered seat. I really hope it doesn't come to that. As seen in the first part of the post, I am a total softy, and I'm sure my first garbage picking trip will always hold a place in my heart. 

When we finally got to the gas station my gimpy husband got out of the car to check her out. He likes her! Yippee Ki Yi Yay! 
I have big plans for this baby, and I can't wait to share the finished product with you all!

P.S. our conversation on the ride home went something like this.
Mike: It was free so if it doesn't work out we could always just put it out on our curb
Me: exactly, but don't worry, it WILL work out
Mike: Maybe we should try to find some more stuff on the curb
Me: I bet if we find out when garbage night is in the fancy shmancy neighborhoods we could get some really cool stuff.
Mike: Yeah. We should do that.
Me: OK. We will. (while thinking super excited, crazy thoughts to myself, dreaming about our future treasures, and dancing crazy, because I'm so gosh darn excited)


  1. Awesome find! You should never be ashamed of free stuff, no matter where it came from :) I need to stalk the rich neighborhoods on trash night too... Around these parts it's free 3 legged chair 0_o

    1. We have quite a lot of the three legged chair type items in our neighborhood too. There were a few times I saw stuff, but upon closer inspection realized that it was destined to stay on the curb. bummer. I am so excited to have finally found something I can be excited about.


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