Monday, April 2, 2012

We are now entering the Black HOLE!

So, after finishing up the chevron stripes, and the demilune table in our entry area I knew that I wanted to do something fun and original with the door on that wall. I started hopping around pinterest, and some other favorite web haunts, when I started to notice that black doors were really doing it for me. I showed my sweetie-pie some pictures, and (fingers crossed) asked him what he thought. 

He liked it! (sigh of relief)

So, I pulled out my Sherwin Williams fan deck, and decided that Tricorn Black (SW6258) was going to be our best bet. After a little more inspiration hunting we realized just how much we were loving the black doors, and decided to paint all of our interior doors the same shade.
Since Mike's knee is still pretty swollen, and he's not very mobile, it took  a lot longer than normal, but he got it done regardless, and he did an amazing job!

These are some of the photos that inspired us. Click on the image to be taken to the original source.

Recent Residential Projects contemporary bedroom

Georgetown Townhouse eclectic

We stopped at Sherwin Williams after Mike's physical therapy appointment, and they had the gallon ready for us. We decided to go with ProMar 200- Zero VOC Interior Latex (Ultradeep Base)
I am beyond pleased with this product. I know Mike is always a little bit skeptical when it comes to low or no VOC paints, but he was impressed too. It went up like butta'! No problems at all. 

We didn't take any photos of the process. I know for Mike if he's just doing something like a single door, he uses a brush for the whole thing. He always tell me he has to keep moving to get done before it starts tacking up. This helps to prevent any drag marks. He did two thin and even coats, and we called it a day.
After all, there's only so much you can do while sitting in a chair with your knee elevated. 

I am ecstatic with the finished look, and can't wait to see the rest of the doors done. Sometimes I wish he wasn't such a great painter so I could get in on the black beauty action. I really can't complain though, I mean look at how great it turned out!

The mirror frame and lampshade really tie it all together quite nicely.

I am in door Heaven! It's like it was meant to be this way forever, 
patiently waiting for someone to come along with a brush and a can of black paint.
Here's a before and after for you to show just how dramatic the difference really is.

We are just thrilled with the outcome! I love how it makes the blue stripes pop even more. Before we painted the door it was hard to tell if the stripes were blue or black, now with the black right next to it, the blue becomes brighter.

Now the question is wreath, or no wreath? What do you think?

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  1. I love it, looks beautiful and I would say no the the wreath, I think there is enough going on with the zigzags and table etc that you don't need it.

    We had awful doors in our flat when we moved in and spent last summer with a heat gun stripping the paint off them to expose the bare wood.


  2. Hey! I found you through the TDC. I love your black door, and I would have to say no wreath. It seriously looks awesome as is!


    1. I was thinking no to the wreath as well. I thought it might be nice to add some texture, but I think having the circle of the wreath + the circle mirror would be a little crazy. I already have a lot going on in this area. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lauren, the Tricorn Black looks fantastic! I love black interior doors and I am totally swooning over that chevron wall too.

  4. Hi Lauren - this space is so beautiful - what a great job you and your husband did!! Love the colour you chose for the door - I love dark doors!! Looks very dramatic now. The chevron wall is very chic too! I wouldn't put a wreath up - think it may compete with the round looks perfectly edited the way it is! I am your newest follower - love you blog! Where are you getting your associates design degree from? Online or at school....i am looking into taking some design courses too. Please visit my blog and say hello - I love to make new bloggy friends and follow me back if you would like to keep in touch! Heather @

    1. Hi Heather- Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I had been working on a kitchen and bath design degree at the local community college, because they don't offer interior design in our county, after a few semesters I realized that my true passion is interior design(as if I didn't know), so I am working on setting everything up to transfer to a neighboring county that offers the degree program. I am going to take as many classes as I can locally, and then I will transfer. I am also looking into doing an internship with some local designers to gain some more hands on experience. If you find anything online please let me know! I love your blog! So glad you found me!

  5. that door so needed to be black right there. awesome.

  6. Most importantly: OMGoodness. Those. Look. Spectacular.

    This is so funny to me because I just posted on this topic a few days ago. My front door (exterior) and garage door have written me letters asking to be repainted. A few might have come from the neighbors, too. (Totally kidding. Phew!) I know, know, know I want the outside front door painted black. Super sophisticated and I toyed with the idea of the inside of it, as well. But...with my flooring (which is very unlike your wood floors of gorgeousness), I think I would end up not loving it, especially throughout the house. It's not a super big house and would be afraid it would make the space feel smaller. (???) Or I could be totally wrong. (???) Much like the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know. And...I think my hub would think I flipped my lid. (Maybe I'm just chicken to do the work, find out it DOESN'T work, then have to "fix" it. Ugh. Hmmm...Photoshop mock-up time.)

    That said...for those who can do it and it comes out as awesome as YOURS...fabulous. Your entryway, for sure, just pops. Really anchors the space and makes it feel grand.

    Btw...I think we both have a thing for chevron. Just a little bit. ;)

    1. Great minds think alike I suppose! I am in love with the black door look, and hopefully in the next month or so we will get to painting all the doors in our house. As far as it making the house look smaller, I think it does the opposite, it's almost like the door disappears, while the other colors pop, and become the focus. I know for me it was scary at first, and when I told my husband what I wanted he thought I was bonkers, then I showed him some pictures and he changed his mind right away. I would totally photoshop a few of your doors to get an idea of what it would look like, you might be pleasantly surprised! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so glad I got to "meet" you!


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