Monday, April 23, 2012

Master Bathroom Update

We have been working on updating our master bathroom for about two months, and it is finally starting to get there. We finished painting, and there is no longer even a hint of that hideous red we used to have.
When we first started planning for what we wanted to do I made up a mood board, so we would have a solid plan, and something to reference. My rooms never turn out exactly as planned, but it's a great way to get started. Here's the original mood board.

See, the two lights at the top? The stripe one is our dream light, but I just wasn't able to swallow the $200 price tag, no matter how cute it is. Especially for something so simple. The other light is from cb2, and was priced a lot more reasonably at $50. We were planning on buying that one, but life got busy, and it just didn't happen, then...

I was browsing ebay when I found this light.
It's from Good Earth Lighting and usually costs about $90. Here's the kicker, I got it for $8.50!!! With shipping it came in just a little bit under $20, which is unbelievable. 
I was really excited, but a little apprehensive about whether or not it would have all it's parts and function properly. When it arrived this past Wednesday, I took everything out of the box, and checked for missing or broken parts, and it was all there, and in excellent condition. WOO-HOO! 
Mike started installing it on Friday, but because of the shotty way our house was constructed he had to do some improvisation. Just so happens our junction box was installed so that it was recessed about two inches,

properly installed junction box
 and it wasn't going to be as simple as it should have been, so he took a break from it, and last night he figured out some way to make it work. (have I ever mentioned how grateful I am for my handy husband!)

I am ecstatic about the way it looks installed. It changes the look and feel of the whole bathroom dramatically. I don't think I've ever seen a light fixture do so much for a space before. It took the bathroom from ehhh-  functional and efficient, to my soon to be spa haven. I LOVE IT!

Here are some before and afters of the room so far. We have some more projects that we're still working, on, but it's finally starting to come together!

Please excuse the not so great photos this bathroom has zero natural light!

I really wish I had taken better photos of the light before. 
We spray painted the old frame with a hammered metallic to hold us over until we got a new one.

Here's the view from our "sink nook" which is just outside the bathroom.

 It's SO much better already! This light definitely has some serious "bang for it's buck" I still just can not get over how huge of a difference it made. 

Where do you find amazing deals?


  1. Great find! Sometimes Overstock has some good deals on lighting, but $8.50 is pretty sweet.
    Rachel -remastered relics

    1. I love overstock, we got a few of our faucets from there, our living room chair, our previous living room rug, and tons of smaller stuff. They are always the first place I check when I'm shopping around. I have noticed lately that it seems like some of their furniture/ fixture prices are getting higher than they used to be. Who knows, maybe I'm just getting thrifter :) so glad you stopped by!

  2. Love the light, and the new color, looks great! I'm now following

  3. I love your Waverly shower curtain! And your new light fixture is awesome!!

    1. Thanks! I got a great deal on the shower curtain too! That seems to be a pattern here :)


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