Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Barkanic History Lesson

So! I have decided that as part of our new life in our new/ first home that we will be blogging about the whole experience, and rather than starting on Move-In Day (who knows when that will be with a short sale) I am going to give y'all the low down on what we went through on the way there.
OK, so first things first. Mike and I have been married for almost four years and we have yet to own a home or even rent one [at least not in the typical sense], but I guess that not much of what we do is very typical.
Here's a little History of our Moving/ Living situations since we got Married!
[note: we both lived with our parents before we got married]
On September 7, 2007 I was blessed enough to be able to marry the most amazing, hardworking and studly man that I had ever met.
His awesome mom was moving into a new humongous house at that time which happened to have a 2 bedroom 1 bath basement with a kitchenette the whole space was about 1,000SF. So, we moved there as we got ourselves settled and figured out what our next move was. We were in there until the end of December of 2007 when the lease on Mike's grandmother's apartment was up, and she had to move in. So, we slept with my mother-in-law and her husband for a couple months ummm, upstairs in the spare bedrooms for a month or two.
We knew that wasn't going to be permanent, and we started to look for somewhere to be on our own and get moving on developing "US".
We just weren't quite there yet.
My Super Amazing, Beautiful and Intelligent Mother had been sick for about a year at this point and in a nursing home for about six months, my brother was still at home, but the bills were heavy, and weren't getting paid, so we loaded up our cars and back to my Mama's we went. We split the bills with my brother, but after a few months we were coming to realize that even with both of us sharing the bills it was to much for us to carry, and we started looking at our options.
I went to view some houses, and get an idea of what we could get for our money, needless to say in Fall of 2007 the house we are currently in the process of buying would have cost about $ixty Thousand more than the current price! Yes you read that correctly, and looking back we are very glad that we did wait. We probably would have gotten a two bed, one bath, 850SF townhouse for our money back then. Big difference! Also, we have a little bit more money now than we did then, after all we have been living with Mike's father the whole time, and that has allowed us to have some nice change in the bank account. Saving money can be tough with just one modest income.
So here we are - getting our things together and preparing to pack. As you can see we have moved quite a bit over the past 4 years, and are hoping that we will be in this house for at least 5- 7 years. I am ecstatic, thrilled, overjoyed and more to finally be on our own, and I'm pretty sure all of the people we've shacked up with over the last four years feel the same way! I can't wait to walk around in my skivvies! WOO-HOO!
Watch out blog world here we come!
This is the story of us starting out on our own, finding our way as we make a house our home, and finally being alone!

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