Friday, May 27, 2011

Home Buying Wish List

    So, we think that it is Super important to make a list of what you are looking for when looking to buy a home.
    Start with the things you need, then what you would really like, and then jot down the things you dream of having, you never know, you might just get them. The house we found met almost all of our wishlist criteria.
    We hope this list will also be a helpful starting point for you when you start searching for your next home!
  • Three + Bedrooms
  • One or One and a Half + Baths
  • 1200 + SF [on the tax record, we also wanted additional garage, basement and outdoor living space]Good School District
  • a Charming Neighborhood with very little through traffic
  • fixer upper [we wanted something that we could really put our Barkanic stamp on, I don't think I could tear up a 4 year old kitchen just because it wasn't my style]
  • Storage Space
  • Basement
  • Structurally Sound
  • 150 +  AMP Electrical Service
We would really like
  • Garage
  • Hardwood Floors
  • room for a
    • Man Cave
    • Sewing Area
    • a big Kitchen
    • 3 bigger than 10x10 Bedrooms
  • a nice yard to play with Livi in, and for our future dog to run around, but no more than an acre to mow
we looked at a bunch of different house styles, there were a few cape cods that I just loved from the exterior, but whenever I thought about our future home I always pictured us living in a Ranch Home.

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