Sunday, May 29, 2011


So, two of my bestests and I decided that a child free girls night out was in order. It certainly was, I have to say that the car ride to and from the Philadelphia Premium Outlets was just as much fun as the actual shopping. I love those ladies, and I could very possibly be insane if it wasn't for our frequent get togethers.

Anyway, back to the Outlets! We weren't sure where to start when we got there and were looking around for a good parking spot. I was scanning the multitude of stores before us when I let out a huge gasp, they both looked at me and said "what!?! - Restoration Hardware?" YES! Restoration Hardware. I was So Excited! To put it into a little better perspective; Mike and I thoroughly enjoy sitting down together before bed and ooh and ahh over the beauty that is Restoration Hardware.
We ran inside and checked out all the amazing sale and clearance items. I was in love with about eight hundred different things. I found sheets, curtains, side tables, chairs, mirrors, OH the Mirror! Check out this beauty The Rococo Mirror! also, be sure to check out the price. Online and in the catalog the price is $1995 plus $95 for shipping. I don't think I would be able to sleep at night knowing if I spent that much on a mirror. Get this: Outlet price- $1,197! That's 40% off, and no shipping! WOWZA! It is quite possible that the store employees had to mop up my drool puddle from the floor.

sorry it's so blurry! look how many time's
it was marked down! I still can't believe it!

With deep sadness I left that beautiful creature there. I don't think it would be very healthy for my marriage to make that kind of purchase without Mike.  Really I am hoping that when we go back in a month or two it will still be there, and will have been marked down another 20% . I know, it's a pipe dream, but it would be incredible to get this hand carved 85" pine beauty for under $800 dollars. Maybe by then there will be another beautiful leaner mirror that costs less and I love more [a girl can dream can't she?] We'll see what happens I guess!
I am VERY excited for our next trip to the RH Outlet, and we might just need to rent a trailer for the trip. I am so happy to have found this wonderland, I may finally be able to afford the furniture I dream about. I heart bargain shopping!

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