Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm dreaming of a new Kitchen

I could quite possibly be driving my husband insane with all my talk about the stuff I want to do in our new house. I keep looking over the MLS pictures and the ones we took during our showing and I just can't stand the potential. It SCREAMS at me! I have so many ideas, and I can not wait to get started.
*UPDATE- the banks have started to ask the home owner questions - which is supposedly a good thing and a sign that things are moving along [EXCITING]*
So, as I go crazy in an attempt to figure out the most cost effective solutions to the work that needs to be done you can have some fun checking out my plans for La Cocina. Keep in mind that all of the stainless appliances are just a few years old, and will be staying in the house! WOO-HOO!

OK, So here is a shot from the back of the kitchen to the front of the house. To the left is the side door, and you can see the dining room and front door/ entry through the doorway in the kitchen. To save some cash we plan on painting the existing cabinets white. I actually kind of like the design on the face of the cabinets, and I am positive that they will look fantastic once they have a fresh coat of paint. To further bring the kitchen up to date we have a few more ideas in the works!

Here is a picture of a kitchen that was featured as a Reader Redesign on  these homeowners did an amazing job, and did it for right around One thousand bones. check out the blog for more pictures and details. It is beautiful and has a lot of the same features that we love.
Stainless Steel Appliances - Ours came with the house!

An Apron front sink! This one from IKEA is significantly more affordable than others on the market.


Butcher Block Counters! I'm not exactly a fan of the fifties laminate, and with some more amazing ikea  pricing it is a small investment which looks like a very pricy upgrade.

In hopes of keeping a reasonable budget [under 1K] we are going to do all the work ourselves, and look for the best possible deals.
We are still working on the color scheme, but here's a preview of what I'm leaning towards!

We're not quite there yet, and the shades didn't transfer perfectly, but it's the jist of it, not to say that I won't change my mind completely. Just wanted to fill ya in on what we're thinking right now, The cream/white is the main color with the light teal being the main accent and a few small pops of the deep red here and there. Let me know what ya think!

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