Saturday, June 4, 2011

a few helpful hints for moving

here are some of the things that i've found helpful while moving, i hope they will help you get started and give you some new ideas along the way
  • organize items by the room they are going to.
  • label - label - label [use one of those ginormous sharpies and go nuts] i like to label more than one side of the box so I can see what it is even if it's stacked and the top is not visible
  • start packing as soon as possible, the more time you have the better, every time i have moved i had more stuff than i thought i did
  • pack a box or bag [even a suitcase- they have to move anyway, might as well use them] for each family member with everything they need for 3-5 days. keep these with you and include the following- 
    • several changes of clothes/ underwear and jammies
    • a favorite pillow, blanket or comfort item [essential for children - even older kids]
    • medications- both prescription and frequently used over the counter medications
    • toiletry essentials - toothbrush, soap, shampoo, razor
    • pack as if you were going away for a long weekend
  • securely tape small parts and screws to the bottom of your furniture. lost parts can turn beautiful furniture into useless garbage. if you have a lot of small parts put them in a snack baggie before taping them on.
  • don't buy more rubbermaid totes than you can use in the new house. it's a waste of money!
  • check out your local grocery store during the box hunt. fruits and veggies come in double walled super sturdy boxes. they are great for heavy items.
  • never underestimate the power of social networking, let your friends know you are moving and need boxes, tissue paper, who knows they might even have some bubble wrap for ya!
  • draw up a card with your new address and any other pertinent information, as you see your family and friends pass them out so they know where to find you after the move.
  • bring up the move often to your children. if there will be any major changes other than a whole new house make sure they are aware of them well before hand and remind them often.
  • don't be afraid to bring extremely fragile favorite items along with you in the car. if you would cry over it being broken use extreme care and loads of bubble wrap during transport.
  • if you're moving to a new area-
    • call your doctors and dentist to get copies of your medical records.
    • always visit several times before buying. be sure to ask locals about crime rates, schools and neighborhood quality. try to make friends and get peoples honest opinions
  • don't overfill your fridge, packing fridge and freezer food is a horrible task and is easily avoided.
  • make lists. lists of what you have in the rooms in your current house, and what you need in the new house. inventories are very important
  • weigh out the pros and cons of hiring a moving company. if you don't have a lot of stuff you can do it yourself with the help of friends and family. if you have a ton of stuff you can always rent a truck, and still do the grunt work yourself, it's a great way to save some money.
  • PURGE- if you have a lot of stuff that is of no use [read: basement papers, and broken pieces] have a dumpster dropped off for a week. When we sold my Mom's house we packed a 3 ton dumpster to the edge and amazingly enough it weighed over 3 ton when they picked it up. It's tough to part with your stuff, but sometimes it's just gotta go!
  • for some more great tips check out movers edge 101 Best Moving Tips
if you have any more helpful tips please share them. we still have a couple weeks to go until our big move.

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