Sunday, June 5, 2011

another day of bargain shopping

My little sweet pea and I went to an awesome birthday party today for one of my friends children, I knew we would be passing a furniture store on the way home, and I had heard that they have some amazing deals, so I figured it was worth having a look around. We will need to buy seating for the living room in the new house, and I wanted to try to get an idea of what was available, and how much it would cost.
Here's what I found at Unclaimed Freight:
This beauty was only $299, and although it caught my eye as soon as I walked by it, I think it is a bit to formal for our style, so we kept on looking
This one definitely is in the running for us. Less formal, fun, easy to keep looking clean, classic yet clean lines. Plus! Get this - it is a sleeper sofa. This has potential for both our guest room and living room. The sofa by itself is $429 and with the love seat it comes to $589. I know it would be hard for me to not get the love seat when it's only $160 more, but we'll see what we need.

What I love about this next sofa is the fact that it is a nice light tan, and seems like a durable, kid friendly fabric, so I could pretty much make it work with any of my possible color schemes, and the timeless lines of the design are reassuring to a cheapy like me. This style is not going anywhere anytime soon. This was only available as a sofa love seat set and it was listed at $597. They said it would be $1499 at a "regular" store, but I don't always believe the hype. Either way it's a deal.

 I REALLY like the next one, and it's only $299. Seriously, when I saw these prices I could've cried tears of joy. I love saving money. I love how clean looking this one is. I love the light color, and it is HUGE! This has to be the longest of all the sofas, and what a price! The best part of all was when I sat down and put my hand on it, it has got to be the softest sofa I have ever felt, I am guessing that it's microfiber, but wow! This place is sofa heaven!

Here's one last little piece of eye candy for you. This is the first gem I spotted upon entering the store. It's a light green bone leather, and with a price like that, how can I not buy it. When I get Mike back there this is the first thing I am looking for, and I will buy it immediately. I am in love with an ottoman! The cute little legs with tiny little wheels. It's so sturdy and it has nail head trim. YUM! I can just picture it with a cute little tray on top with a good book and a vase of flowers.

OK, I'm done for now. I will keep you all up to date when we take the big furniture plunge. I have lots more places to check out before we jump on anything. I am SO excited! I want to move right now!

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