Tuesday, August 16, 2011

our trip to Cape May - In Pictures

So, we had an absolutely amazing time in Cape May, the weather was beautiful for 95% of the trip, and for some reason it didn't seem as crowded as it normally does. This was our third trip there as a family, and probably my 20th trip (we went every summer when I was a child). I chose a few of my favorite pictures, they are pretty random, but I think there is beauty to be found in most of them! If you are interested in visiting this charming little town check out this website - http://www.capemaymac.org/

a beautiful estate that we passed on our walk to "the mall"

an adorable shot of Daddy and Daughter holding hands!

The Elward House - I love the coloring of this place, and I also appreciate the fact that they didn't leave the ceilings out of the equation. They are such an awesome light teal.

The red and white umbrellas scattered across the beach. (I think this one is just simply gorgeous, and will probably end up in our "hall of frames."

Love the Pink Hammock! All the Sign says is "the Cape May House"

more umbrellas on the beach, it could be possible that I like this one even more than the red and white umbrellas. Or maybe it's just that bench. I love the rich blue color.

My Little Sweet Pea, with Smokey the Bear. She gets SO excited every time she sees a picture of him. I don't know why, but I do know that it's adorable!

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