Saturday, August 13, 2011

We were hoping to be able to share some good news by this point, though we are still at an unfortunate stand still. Apparently it is not a matter of whether or not the bank will accept our offer but of when they will get to our offer. We hit the 3 month mark on August 7th, and surprisingly I am dealing with all of it pretty well. We were planning on looking at some other potential properties last weekend, but I was with my grandfather helping him recover from surgery, this weekend we are dog/ house sitting for Mike's Mom, and the next couple weekends look as though they will be equally eventful. I am really in no hurry to find another place, but there have been moments when I've thought to myself that maybe this is all happening because there is a better house out there for our family. Who knows! I will continue to check the realtor's multi-list, until the day this deal goes through.

Hopefully it won't be to long until I'm showing this shot as our realtor rather than just a dream

So that's where we are, just trying to enjoy the final month of Summer, soaking up as much sun and fresh air as possible. What good has worrying ever done?
I apologize for my lack of posts recently, I had originally hoped that by this point we would be working on the final negotiations, or better yet getting started on all the projects we have planned for our future home, and honestly it has made it hard to post.
I am so excited for the day when I can do a before and after of our popcorn ceiling removal or refinishing our kitchen cabinets. We have so much planned for our little "castle" and hopefully it will be ours soon.

Thank You for your prayers, and we ask that you continue to pray as time goes on. We are handling it as best we can, but that is only by the grace of God, and certainly not on our own.

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