Monday, August 22, 2011


warning: this post is a bit whiny, but it is also informative

after next weekend our updates may no longer be short sale stories. we are going to extend today for a week, but we are hoping to have a look at some homes this weekend. We have about seven houses on our list, and their locations vary by about 50 miles from Bethlehem to Emmaus to Carbon County. Ugh! I want to move now!
It is hard for me to know if I am being impatient or realistic. I don't know anyone who has bought a short sale before, and I don't know how long is normal to wait. I know what a google search says or what people I don't know say, but that's never as good as the words of wisdom from a good friend. One thing I know for sure, while we look through the hundreds of homes that come up in our searches, when I get to the special conditions the first thing I do if it says short sale is take it off the list. I am not willing to play the waiting game twice in a single house hunt. My heart can't take the anticipation!
So, maybe we will be in a whole new contract a week from now, scheduling an inspection, and getting everything together to close on a home. Or even better maybe we will finally hear from the banks and we won't have to start the search all over again!
we'll see

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