Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Home Tour

Come on in! The house is finally cleaned up, the table is set, all that's missing is YOU!
We had another first in our new home on Sunday, our first Easter dinner. It went much more smoothly than Christmas did, probably because we're getting more settled in here, and because the dining room is no longer being used as a holding space for boxes, a refrigerator and a huge big screen TV. 

Notice that we used the bench that we found curbside about a week ago. We haven't made any changes to it yet, we haven't been able to decide how we want to finish it, we're either going to paint and upholster it, or cut the whole top off, and paint and upholster the seat. I wrapped the seat in a coordinating fabric to cover up it's damage and make it usable. 

Have a look at my new chargers, I am thrilled about them, mostly because I got them on clearance at the Christmas Tree Shops for only fifty cents a piece! Seriously! Eight new chargers for a whopping $4! 

Ready to eat! Just waiting on Mike to finish cutting the ham.

Here's some shots of the Living Room with our Spring Decorations, I know there's not a lot, but I like to keep the seasonal decor simple. This is the view from the living room looking into the dining room.

This shot was taken at the doorway into the kitchen looking across the house.

We had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus' resurrection with our family, and we hope you did too! 

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