Monday, May 7, 2012

Painting Progress for Our Princess

Mike worked really hard in Olivia's room this weekend, and we made some big progress. 

All we Mike needs to do is another coat or two of the hot pink below the chair rail, and then it will be time for me to come in and get my stencil on! I am SO excited! Here are some before and after shots of our progress so far.

This is what the room looked like right before we started painting-
(this is how the house was painted when we bought it)

This is how the room looks now-
The bright pink is showing up brighter than it is in real life, but everything above the chair rail is pretty accurate.

I am really happy with how everything is going, and I am so excited for it to be finished! I need to work on the floor plan today, hopefully I can come up with something great!


  1. What a fun room, Lauren! With the high ceilings, bay window, cozy nook area you'll have lots of options to be creative! Can't wait!

    1. I am super excited at the mere thought of what it will soon be. I think I have the basic floor plan worked out, and I can't wait to see how it looks in real life!


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