Saturday, June 11, 2011

our deck idea

So here is my attempt at drawing what I hope to create in the deck area on the back of our house. We want something that offers coverage from rain, some of the sun, and will give some privacy if we need it. Also, we would like it to be purty to look at. I saw a picture somewhere that was pretty similar, but I looked everywhere and couldn't find it, so I drew this up to show Mike.

The Plan: We will purchase a canopy like this one  [$149 @ Home Depot.] We're hoping to find one for under $80, and so the hunt begins. We plan on sewing up some "curtains" to cover up the ugly cheapo poles and to help give it more of a substantial look. I will make those myself using some fabric from my stash, which makes them FREE! Sounds good to me!
We will get some inexpensive bamboo blinds similar to these [$19.99 @ Home Depot.] These will give us that privacy and shade we're looking for. Each side will need two blinds for coverage, we will probably put two each on the two sides that are facing out into the yard. To save a bit of money we might try leaving open the sides facing the house and the wall without blinds. This should also help with the airflow and open feeling.

Those are the things that I am sure we will do. In some form or another.

We are also going to look into wiring it with either a chandelier or string bulb lights like these [$15 @ Pottery Barn] I LOVE these!

I am getting so antsy in anticipation of being in our own home FINALLY! Mike and I went shopping at HomeGoods today and we are both raring to get going on decorating this new house.

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