Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, tomorrow is the last day of our current contract, and what we decided to do is give them 15 more days to come to a decision. When we reach that point we will give them a week at a time and start to look at other houses. BOO! I am really hoping that we get some good news in the next 2 weeks and we don't have to get to the point of having to restart our search for a home.

Today I asked our realtor all the questions that I have been meaning to ask. What I learned was really quite interesting [at least to me.] The homeowner owes almost exactly what the house was listed for, but the reason it is a short sale is because of the realtor's fees. So, that was good news for us, that means that the amount the banks are losing is minimal and logic would make ya think that they are more likely to make a deal when they are only losing a small amount of money. I also learned that they requested some more financial information from the seller last Wednesday, her realtor returned it that night, but we are thinking because of the holiday they probably didn't even see the info until today.
We would really like to be home owners before the end of the summer!
This is what we want to see!

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