Sunday, July 3, 2011

Still Waiting

So we are just rounding the corner on month 2 of our wait, if you remember this "it's been one month" post in which we were hoping it wouldn't get to the point of an "it's been two months" post. Unfortunately that is not the case. Our 15 day extension [60 days total] of our offer will be up on July 6th. BOO! We are planning on giving them some more time, but haven't decided how much, we are unsure whether we should give them 10, 15, or 20 days.
We have a few houses on our backup list, but they are not "our house" and unlike the house we are waiting on they don't meet all of our criteria. We are still pretty confident as far as our offer goes. We offered them asking price, and for the condition of the house the price is definitely fair. So keep on praying that the bank keeps working on it, and has some good news for us soon.
The current schedule had closing set for August 9th, and we would really like to be in the house before the end of August, needless to say we are starting to get a bit impatient and antsy. Hopefully we will have some good news in the very near future!

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