Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Printable- Blog Post Planner

I have been working my tail off trying to make this blog the best that it can be, but I needed something to help me stay organized and keep all of my post ideas and schedules in one handy place. I came across Amy Bayliss' Blog Planning Editorial Calendar Printable, and it has been SO helpful, and just plain awesome! I have been using the editorial calendar like mad!
I also like her post planner, but unfortunately because my content is different it wasn't a perfect fit, so I made up one of my own. I included spaces for 5 posts, because I would like to be posting 5 times a week sometime in the near future.
This is how it's set up-

I hope that this planner can help some of my blog buddies as much as it has helped me!


  1. This is such a good idea! Have a great weekend :) Stop by for a blog visit.

  2. I totally NEED this - thanks Lauren!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    1. Happy to help! I totally NEED it too! I don't know how I lived without it. thanks for stopping by!


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