Friday, September 23, 2011

finally an update

it's the end of an era. we are over short sale stories and starting a new chapter of our lives!

woo-hoo! so we are finally taking a leap of faith and moving on. i am well aware that i haven't written a post on here in almost a month (which is totally crazy, and ridiculous). i suppose that's just how i act when i'm bummed over something. we weren't moving forward, and i had nothing worthy of posting.

anyway, on tuesday we went to see two houses that we hadn't seen before, and surprisingly enough (especially to us) they were townhouses. the first one was kind of dumpy, and would've added 10-15 minutes to our daily drives. so, we went to see house number 2, and we were completely, utterly blown away. I mean beautiful, huge windows, 30 foot ceilings, nooks and crannies, a walk in closet!!! :o), seriously this place is amazing, and it is also much larger than the old one.

so, wednesday we decided to withdraw our offer on the other house (we were almost at the five months mark!) and put an offer on our newly found beauty.

so now we are waiting and wondering whether or not they will accept our offer. we think it's pretty solid, but you never know with these things.

i hope we hear soon so i can share the good news with ya'll and get started on a brand new dream!

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