Friday, October 14, 2011

Meant to Be!

So... life around here has been pretty much insane for the last week or two. We have gone back and forth about a million times with whether or not we would be getting the house. We are now on the other side of it, and I am 99% sure that a month or so from now we will be bonafide home owners! Yippee-Ky-Yi-Yay! It seems as though this is the house that we are just meant to be in. We were petrified after our inspection last weekend, but after calling in an electrician and talking to some contractor friends we feel very confident about buying this house as-is.
All I have to say is WOW! When we started our hunt for a home in March we never could have imagined the journey that we have taken. I knew going into it all that it would take some effort and time, but WOW! The past few months have been so full of anticipation, excitement and disappointments that I had not planned on.
I am very happy to report that all we've been through was totally worth it, and a month from now when we are holding the keys to our new home it will be even better!
I am more than convinced that things went the way the did for a reason. A reason that's much bigger than Mike and I. This is the house we were meant to be in, had things gone differently we never would've found our home. We were originally looking for a single family home in a very specific location (a desired school district). When we found the ranch in our second highest school district we figured that was where we were supposed to be, so we waited, and waited, and waited some more. After we hit the four month mark we were both getting rather antsy, not to mention the fact that Hurricane Irene was not friendly to that poor little house. So we figured it wouldn't hurt to look and see if there was anything interesting on the market. I'm not quite sure why we decided to look into townhouses, but I am really glad that we did. I can't wait to turn this place into our home!

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