Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the Lay of the Living Room

We have been trying to do as much planning as possible for the new house so we can get to work as soon as we close on our new place. Here is what we are thinking for the Living Room.

We don't have all of our furniture picked out yet, but there are some pieces we already have that we will definitely be using. One of them is this Entertainment Center that we bought after getting our amazing flat screen for Christmas.

We also have a bookcase/ cabinets that we will be using in the living room, we got these from my Mom's house,  and Mike is planning on staining the shelves, doors and exteriors to match the entertainment center. I will either wallpaper or paint the insides a bright color to bring them up to date and really make them pop!

Once we hear that the bank has approved our offer we will purchase a couch similar to one of the ones from this post. We still haven't decided whether or not we will go with a sofa with a chaise or without. It all depends on the best deal we can find that best fits our style.

We have been on the lookout for an ottoman that is an amazing multi tasker meaning it will have storage and will be able to be used as seating when we need a few extra seats in the room. Possibly this one from overstock.com - I am even thinking that two of them might make a nice "coffee table"

We have been hunting for rugs and accessories for the past couple months, and have found a few that go great with our style, we haven't found one for the Living Room yet because it needs to be super big [at least 8'x10'] but I'm sure we will find something soon. I will let you know as soon as we do!

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